Simply the Best Car Wash


#1 Full Service Wash $13.75
Exterior Wash
Wheel Blast
Rims & Tires
Hand Wipe Dry
Dust Dashboard and Console
Clean Windows

#2 Full Service Wash $15.50
All #1 Services PLUS
Undercarriage Wash
Trunk Vacuum (if desired)
Wheel Bright

#3 Full Service Ultra $19.25
All #2 Services PLUS
Tire Dressing
Triple Foam Polish
Clear Coat Sealant

#4 Full Service Ultimate $31.50
All #3 Services PLUS
Vinyl or Leather Dressing

#5 Ultra $42.95 Express Handwax Cars Only!
Extended Cab $15.00 extra
Minivans $20.00 extra
Large Van $30.00 extra
Small SUV $15.00 extra
Large SUV $30.00 extra

Executive Detailing $119.95 and up
VIP Detailing $149.95 and up
See our detailing menu for large vehicle charges

Side Menu:
Clear Coat Protectant $2.00
Tri-Foam Protectant $4.00
Undercarriage Wash $1.00
Rain-X Windshield $3.00
Tire Dressing $3.00
Shampoo and Extract
Floor Mats (each) $3.00
Carpet $39.99-$49.99
Vinyl Interior $15.00-20.00
Leather Interior $15.00-20.00
Vacuum Trunk $2.00
Exterior Wash Only $11.00

Additional Charges for
Minivans, Large SUV's, and Station Wagons:
Extended Cab Trucks $2.00 
Full Size Vans/SUV's $3.00
Heavy Bug Removal $1-3.00
Heavy Sap/Tar Removal $4.00+